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Aladdin Date Privacy Policy

Aladdin Date Privacy Policy explains the information we collect, why we collect it, how it is used and how is it protected. We collect information about you as you use Aladdin Date mobile application (“App”). As our goal is to help you create meaningful connection, your information is primarily shared with other users. In addition, you may choose to use the App to share information with other Aladdin Date users, including your friends and contacts (“Users”). At times, we also share user’s information with our service providers and partners who helps us in our service operation, and in some cases when required by law, with legal authorities. Aladdin Date is a global App, your information will be sent to and used in Malaysia regardless of your residential country.



Your Registration Information

When you create an account, you provide us with your login details, facial pattern and basic necessary details. To upload your facial pattern, you may allow us access to your camera.

When you complete your profile, you will share us additional information such as your personality details, personal interests, other details of you, your photo and videos. To upload certain contents like photo and videos, you may allow us to access your album and camera.  In certain countries, some information you choose to provide to us may be considered “special” or “sensitive”. By choosing to provide this information, you consent to our processing of that information.

Other Miscellaneous Information

When you subscribe to a paid service or make a purchase from us, you provide us or our payment service provider with information such as debit or credit card number or other financial information. When you participate in any of our promotional activities, events or contests, information you use for registration will be collected. Your conversation and contact details with our customer care team will be collected for training purposes.

For user safety and security, you will be required to verify your account using your phone number. We want to avoid fake Aladdin Date accounts being created which can be used for illegal activities. We use a third party provider for account verification who will keep your phone number in their record for 90 days for fraud prevention purposes.

Aladdin Date uses automated anti-spam procedure to block or remove accounts that records abusive activities of the app/site. Our system checks accounts, activities and messages for content that breaches our terms and condition of use. Account that demonstrate that its activities have breached the terms and condition will be automatically blocked/removed.

Aladdin Date keeps in touch with you by making sure you know the latest and greatest functions and promotions we have available. We will use your registered phone number to send you information on these. You can withdraw your consent at any time in the App.

Your Geolocation Data

With your permission, Aladdin Date collects information on your precise geolocation to make its location based matching work accurately. This includes but not limited to WiFi access points, information about your longitude and latitude, or your device’s coordinates. The information collected will also be used to personalize the App for you to tailor a custom experience dedicated to you.

Your Activity Log Data

Aladdin Date collects information about your activity on our App (e.g., log in time stamp, features used by you, contents and advertisements shown to you, your response on contents and advertisements) and how you interact with other users (e.g. users you connect and exchange information with, time and date of your activities, details on the messages you send and receive). We also collect information from and about the device(s) you use to access the App. This includes but not limited to hardware/software information, language, operating system, time zones and other technologies that may pinpoint your device(s) identity. Information on your wireless network/mobile connection, information on your device’s sensors (eg. accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses) may also be collected by us to provide you a personalized experience on the App.


Aladdin Date uses and may grant permission for its affiliated partners to use cookies and similar technologies to allow the recognition of you and/or your device(s). We use them to perform tasks that improves your user experience with us including but not limited to authentication, saving your preferences, remembering your settings, perform site traffic analytics, track effectiveness of ads and campaigns.

Aladdin Date’s use of cookies may change over time. We will notify you of any important changes to our use of cookies.

Your Data Storage

Aladdin Date operates in the formation of servers located in a number of countries globally, including Malaysia. The storage of your personal data may not provide you with the same legal protection in your country of residence.


Aladdin Date uses your information to deliver our services to you (eg. create and manage your account, make customer support more efficient, process your transactions in App, keep you updated on the App’s services), to connect you with other users (eg. show user’s profile between one another, conduct analysis on your profile, activity and your preferences to show you users that are meaningful to you), to provide a familiar experience across different devices (eg. syncing information across your devices you use to access the App so that you can have a consistent experience of the App), to deliver the latest App features to you (eg. keep you registered on all new features on the App), to refine our services and introduce new ones (eg. analytics on user behaviour). Your information is also required to help keep you safe by preventing fraud and illegal/unauthorized activities (eg. taking actions on user misbehaviour or violation of our terms and conditions, perform and design countermeasures, use the data to prevent future recurrence of fraudulent activities) and to provide you with advertisements that best suits your interest. Your information is also required to adhere to legal compliances of our App.


You reserve the right to modify all registration information you provided and delete your account permanently anytime. In practise, we delete or anonymize your information when you have deactivated your account. We implement information retainment period of 30 days following your deactivation of your account. For up to 30 days, it is still possible to restore your account if you choose to reactivate your account. After 30 days, all information from your account will be deleted and we are not responsible for any loss of information or contents resulted from deactivation of your account.

To ensure compliance and fraud prevention, we will retain your information in the stated events:

  1. We must retain your information to comply with applicable laws.
  2. We must retain your information as evidence of our compliance with applicable laws.
  3. We must retain your information when there is an on-going legal case requiring us to retain your information for as long as the authorities deem necessary.
  4. We will retain your information for fraud prevention and App’s safety enhancement purposes. (eg. Information of a user who was banned for breaching terms and conditions or have had security incidents will have his/her information retained to prevent opening of a new account)

Copies of your information may still be viewable when such information have been previously shared, copied or stored by others. This information is beyond our control nor do we accept liabilities for any damages resulted from it. Our systems are designed to perform removal of your information based on the above guideline however we cannot promise that all information will be deleted within a specific timeframe due to resource constraints.


Aladdin Date’s does not disclose your information, except in the stated events below:

With other users – Information that you voluntarily disclose on your profile will be shared to other users.

With third party service provider – Aladdin Date partners with third parties to help operate its services. The third parties perform tasks includes but not limited to hosting & maintenance, analytics, customer care, marketing, advertising, payment processing and security.

With platform managers – Monitoring activity on App and make decision on contents.

With payment processing companies – Process payments on App purchases

With Authorities – Aladdin Date may cooperate with law enforcement enquiries from within or outside your country of residence whenever we are required by law to disclose user information. This includes but limited to disclosing your information when we believe it is necessary to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order or legal request, protect the safety of any person and to address frauds. In such cases, all legal objection or right available to us may be raised or waived by us.

Corporate transactions – We may be required to disclose your information if we are involved in a merger, acquisition, sale, restructuring, reorganization, dissolution or other change of ownership control.

Aladdin Date takes great measure to ensure that parties that receives your information adheres to strict data protection and confidentiality provisions.

All information that you voluntarily disclose on the service may be shared with other Users. We recommend you to be careful and make sure that contents you share is information you are comfortable sharing as neither you nor we are able to control what others do with your shared information. When you register and login to the App using your Facebook account, you permit us to use information from your Facebook account. This includes but not limited to your friends list, gender, current location, Facebook photos and your name on Facebook. The information may also be shared by other Users with people that may or may not be Users including using third party application at the User’s discretion. The reason behind is Users may suggest you as a potential match to his/her friends on other third party application such as Facebook by sharing your profile. Information including but not limited to photos, messages, comments or information you upload and provide may be shared. Anything you post or submit may be viewable and accessible by both Users and non-Users of the App. Therefore, we recommend you to exercise caution while disclosing your personal information or contents with others.


Our services are strictly restricted to those who are 18 years of age or older. We do not allow users under the age of 18 on our platform. We do not knowingly collect any information about or market to anyone under the age of 18. If you suspect that a user could be under the age of 18, you can use the reporting mechanism available in the App. We will proceed to terminate accounts that are registered by users under the age of 18. If we terminated your account because you violated our policy, we may retain your Facebook information, phone number and IP address to prevent you from re-registering for our services.



We put in large amount of work to protect your account with us from unauthorized access to your personal information. However, as with all other technology companies, no one is completely safe. Therefore, we do not promise, and you should not expect that your information will always remain secure.

We do constantly monitor our systems for unauthorised access, hacking, data loss and other breaches and improve the system to the best of our ability. You however can minimize risk of breaches to your information by using the below tips:

  1. Make sure you log out of your account after use.
  2. Do not share your social media (Facebook) password with anyone else.
  3. Change your password periodically

We hold no responsibility on any breaches, damages to your device, or any loss or unauthorized use of your registration information or other data.


Because we are constantly improving and bringing the latest and greatest features to you, this policy may change time to time. We will notify you at our sole discretion before any changes take effect on this policy.


Once you have registered Aladdin Date using Facebook, your Aladdin Date profile will be viewable to all Users of Aladdin Date through our App or Facebook’s website. You will also be giving them personal information. Aladdin Date does not control how they use your information therefore it is recommended to go through Facebook’s privacy policy.

We may also connect your Aladdin Date profile with your profile on third party website if you choose to link your Aladdin Date account to a third party website. If you do not want to link your Aladdin Date profile to your profile on third party website, you need to proceed to the application settings on the third party website profile and remove Aladdin Date from the list of access permissions.


If you have any questions about our privacy practises or this policy, please contact us at

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