Bridge. Chat. Meet.

The App

Intuitive, fluid and reticently brilliant social bridging application. Aladdin is exclusively designed to bridge people with similarities.

The Experience

In many ways, we’ve tried to create a social interface that is unobtrusive and functional. Aladdin’s industry 1st real time high accuracy GPS networking feature is a true representation to these objectives. It works seamlessly in the background, bridging users among one another.

Coupled with an intelligent AI system, the app understands your personality and connects you with ones of similar, reimagining the way you meet new people.


Amazingly Simple

While the system is new, it is important to us to make it instantly familiar. We wanted to take an experience that people know very well, and add to it, to make it more useful, to make it more enjoyable.

Everything the user needs, they are all in sensible places, only a touch away​

Rate to Match

AI Based Live Bridging

Date Planner

Immersive User Interface

Unexpected friendships are the best ones.

Bridge. Chat. Meet.

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